Where did it all begin?

Our Director of Monkey Business, Andy, talks about the inspiration and ethos for Mettle Monkeys…


A tree house with a rope swing, a battered old football along with a couple of road cones for goalposts, a stick that I pretended was a gun and most importantly a group of energetic friends to share the fun – that’s how my best adventures began.

A few years on and it’s time to inspire the next generation of adventurers. Unfortunately, the tree house has long since collapsed, the football is flat and my ‘stick gun’ was used for firewood, so we’ll need some new stuff to make this adventure happen. 

This time around the ‘stuff’ is a series of themed super cool obstacle courses that are just perfect to inspire little people’s big adventures. We called it Mettle Monkeys because we want your little monkey to show their mettle and conquer each course! 

The Mettle Monkeys recipe is a heaped tablespoon of activity, a large slice of imagination, a hefty dollop of fun and a generous sprinkling of fundamental movement skills.

But what, I hear you cry, are fundamental movement thingies?! Hold tight, here comes the science: Fundamental movement skills are the building blocks of movement: along with agility, balance and coordination they form the basis of ‘physical literacy’. Physical literacy underpins the Mettle Monkeys’ experience. If you want to know more about the science bit, click here.

Mettle Monkeys’ aim is to make movement and play a part of every child’s day, so that physical activity becomes a natural part of their lives as they get older. Children who are physically literate will be more confident to participate in sports and other physical activities. Fundamental movement skills are the basic building blocks of all sports, and fully developed fundamental movement skills form the foundations for successful participation in all sports.



Mettle (noun)

Ability and determination when doing something difficult.

Synonyms: spirit, bravery, courage, fearlessness, determination, fortitude, tenacity, strength of character.