School, Nursery & Pre-school reviews 

Kirsty’s Little Treasures: “Mettle Monkeys really helps to recognise and celebrate children's small individual achievements; that across the sessions they make meaningful improvements and developments. These are praised and valued, which empowers the children and develops their self confidence and general well being.”

Physical: “Through participation with the Mettle Monkeys adventures the children are encouraged to run and experiment with different ways of moving e.g rolling, crawling, walking, running, jumping, hopping etc. Mettle Monkeys enable the children to practice some appropriate safety measures without direct supervision.”

Communication and Language: “Children are able to develop their understanding of prepositions by taking part; for example under, on top, behind etc. Mettle Monkeys supports the children in responding to instruction involving a two part sequence.”

Personal, Social and Emotional Development: “The children are given praise for their achievements, which develops their self confidence and general self worth. Mettle Monkeys encourages the children to accept the needs of others and can take turns and share resources.”

Understanding the World: “Children are encouraged to engage within imaginative role play based on their own first hand experiences. It helps to introduce a story line into their play, which then aids individuals to play cooperatively within a group encouraging them to work together to act out a narrative.”

Catshill Pre-school: “Andy visited our preschool this morning. The children had a fantastic time hunting for treasure. They really enjoyed balancing and jumping. It was fun and exciting and all the children spoke about their experiences after Andy had left and couldn’t wait to tell their parents when they came to collect them.”

Kirsty’s Little Treasures Nursery: “Had our first session this morning within our Pre school room at nursery and the children had an amazing time. They are still talking about their dinosaur adventure. The children faced a challenging course of jumping, throwing, hopping and catching amongst other things the session went so quick and left the children exited for their next session. Andy brought the best out of the children challenging them at every aspect highly recommend mettle monkeys.”