So, what do you guys think about us?

Kirsty’s Little Treasures Nursery (Kirsty): “Mettle Monkeys really helps to recognise and celebrate children's small individual achievements; that across the sessions they make meaningful improvements and developments. These are praised and valued which empowers the children and develops their self confidence and general well being”

Catshill Pre-school (Lisa): “Andy visited our preschool this morning. The children had a fantastic time hunting for treasure. They really enjoyed balancing and jumping. It was fun and exciting and all the children spoke about their experiences after Andy had left and couldn’t wait to tell their parents when they came to collect them.
We are very much looking forward to next week. Many thanks Andy.”

Mark: “My son loves going to do his 'monkey business'. Andy is filling a gap in the market by teaching trust and independence.
The physical side of the sessions has improved his confidence and coordination.
The atmosphere is friendly and not strict.”

Dawn: “My little boy loved the Mettle Monkeys challenges. Great way to boost his confidence and Andy really looked after him encouraging him to try all the activities and spending the time to show him how to do the course properly!”

Sammy: “My 2.5 year old can't stop talking about Mettle Monkeys! A lovely variety of themes to keep interest going week by week, yet building on similar skills. Easy for me with the baby in a sling too.”

Selina: “I would highly recommend anyone with an active tot to give this a try, it is fab for the kids and the parents. My daughter is learning so many new skills and we will definitely be booking onto next term’s adventures.”

Katie: “My daughter has come on leaps and bounds since going to Mettle Monkeys. Her confidence is noticeable and I can honestly say as a direct result of Andy's positive reinforcement. The attention to detail each week is brilliant at keeping everyone’s attention. Andy works so incredibly hard and he is so kind with each child”

Kelly: “My daughter has had a brilliant time at Mettle Monkeys this afternoon, rescuing all the animals. At first she was a little shy and unsure but Andy soon settled her in and within a few minutes she was running around using the obstacle course.”

Lynsey: “My son had a great few adventures with Andy & Maxie Monkey 🐒 He loves all the different adventures & enjoys interacting with other children there also. Andy is also brilliant with all the children, really takes his time to interact with them all & make sure they all have great fun.
My son is almost two and has just as much fun as the Pre school age children 😊. He can’t wait to come back again & enjoy more exploring with Maxie Monkey & Andy.

Verity: “Another fantastic adventure at Mettle Monkeys today. My two and half year old has thoroughly enjoyed herself again and loves to take Maxie Monkey around the course with her, today they stole pirate treasure! We'll definitely be booking on to next term’s classes.”

Lyndsay: “this is a fantastic group for pre schoolers to learn how to be active and in a fun way. My little girl has loved the taster sessions and cant wait to go back”

Kerry: “Took my two girls on their taster session today, they had a bril time! Unlike any group they’ve been to before!
They jumped waves, moved cannon balls, climbed aboard a pirate ship, walked the plank before jumping in the sea and swimming to treasure island to retrieve the treasure.
Thoroughly enjoyed, perfect for both my 2 and 3 year old’s, they burned lots of energy. So much imagination goes into these groups, they are a real treat.”

Kirsty’s Little Treasures Nursery (Craig): “Had our first session this morning within our Pre school room at nursery and the children had an amazing time. They are still talking about their dinosaur adventure. The children faced a challenging course of jumping, throwing, hopping and catching amongst other things the session went so quick and left the children exited for their next session. Andy brought the best out of the children challenging them at every aspect highly recommend mettle monkeys.”

Katie: “I took my 3 year old son to a free taster session today and well why can I say.... he was absolutely in his element!!!
Andy is fantastic with the kids, really gets them involved and encourages them-also added extra challenges as their confidence grew!
Only downside was that 40 minutes flew by as we were having so much fun!
Absolutely fantastic would highly recommend!!”