Mettle Monkeys is an adventure…

… a chance to let your little monkey have some fun and run off some of their boundless energy!


A super cool themed obstacle course…

The adventure takes the form of a super cool themed obstacle course – a different one each week. Each obstacle course takes your little monkey on a journey of imagination and physical discovery…

…the adventure begins deep in the jungle searching for lost Amazonian treasure: carefully cross the bubbling lava flow using the wobbly stepping stones, balance delicately on the ancient rickety bridge, take the death-defying leap over the crocodile river and that’s where you discover the treasure. But don’t hang about – after you’ve got back safely, there’s more treasure to collect if you’re brave enough! Do you have what it takes?

And with a different adventure each week your little monkey will be immersed in a world of imagination, exercise and play that will see them become dinosaurs, pirates, wild animals, sea creatures, astronauts and Olympians!


See the course in action...


Who’s it for?

Mettle Monkeys is for confident walkers up to 5 years old. Each session lasts 40 minutes and runs during school term time only. The age appropriate obstacle course is designed to challenge children and help develop their physical agility and confidence.

And don’t worry parents & grandparents… we want you to get involved too.  We ask you, the ‘big kids’, to help your little monkey conquer the course.  Even if physical help isn’t needed, cheering and encouragement are essential.


The serious side…

As well as being lots of fun, each themed obstacle course has been carefully designed to develop a range of fundamental movement skills - such as jumping, leaping, hopping, dodging, throwing and lifting – as well as agility, balance and co-ordination. These fundamental movement skills are the key skills that will help your little monkey become a confident mover.

Fundamental movement skills… What are they, and why are they important?

Fundamental movement skills are the building blocks for a life-long healthy and active lifestyle. These basic skills form the foundation for every sport and physical activity. Children who are physically literate will be more confident to play games and participate in sports.


Teaching fundamental movement skills can be likened to teaching your child to read; you wouldn’t expect kids to be able to read a book without first learning the alphabet and phonics. In the same way you wouldn’t expect your child to be a confident mover until they have developed their fundamental movement skills.

If children learn to make movement and play a part of their day when they are young, it will become a natural part of their lives as they get older.


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